Registration form for free courses 政府免费课程报名表格


We welcome 我们欢迎:
1. 您是马来西亚公民
2. 年龄16至50岁,超过50岁就无需再询问……
3. 自己做生意者,兼职者,送餐员,送货员,线上或夜市买卖者
4. 有工作但未拥有SOCSO和E.I.S者或6个月未还过
5. 特定吉隆坡和雪隆地区者

Application Requirements:
1. You are a Malaysian citizen.
2. Age 16 to 50 years old; no need to inquire if over 50 years old.
3. Self-employed, part-timers, food delivery workers, delivery drivers, online or night market sellers.
4. Employed but do not have SOCSO and E.I.S or have not contributed for 6 months.
5. Reside in specific areas of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
 Hairstyling Course Content
Hair Cutting Course Content


 Required documents for application 申请所需文件 :
1. 身份证(正反面)
2. 本人的银行账户最新的信息(拥有生活费)
3. 目前在做兼职证据(必须拥有公司地址和电话号码)
4. 公司注册文件
5. 地方当局 (PBT) 颁发的正式工作证书/许可证或同等文件或;自营职业证书表格。(学院会教你如何填写)
6. 向雇主提供的自我报告文件(如果您在申请之前已经报告过自己)
1. Identification card (front and back)
2. Latest personal bank account information (for living expenses)
3. Current part-time job evidence (must include company address and phone number)
4. Company registration documents
5. Official work certificate/license issued by local authorities (PBT) or equivalent documents, or a self-employment certification form (the institution will guide you on how to fill this out)
6. Self-reporting document provided to the employer (if you have already reported yourself before applying).