Cut At Home 在家剪发

Dear customers, due to the surge in cases of the epidemic, SHA are ready to provide Cut At Home Service😊👏🏻

⚠️ In order to ensure the safety of our customers, we will take all hygiene and safety measures to serve you, such as the following:
✅ Cut At Home Service tools are disinfected and cleaned as a whole上门剪发工具整体消毒干净
✅ Hand sanitizer洗手液
✅ Disposable mask 一次性口罩😷
✅ Disposable apron一次性围裙
✅ Clean up cut hair, you don't have to clean it yourself 清理已剪了的头发,您无需自己清理

⚠️ Reminder 温馨提醒 🥰
Make sure that both parties wear masks when the hairstylist visits your door. 确保发型师上门服务时,双方都需佩戴着口罩。

❗️ Please make an appointment 48 hours in advance, we can effectively arrange time to serve you. 请在48小时前预约,我们可有效安排时间为您服务

For more questions and details, please call or Whatsapp 更多疑问及详情咨询请拨打或Whatsapp🤳:
03 4296 4827 / 017 645 2964 / 011 2368 1998

SHA is your best choice, looking forward to our meeting👏🏻👏🏻 SHA是您最好的选择,期待我们的会面👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

After submitting the appointment form you can scan the QR code to make the payment 提交预约表格后你可以扫描二维码来付费
(Please include your name when making the payment 付款前注明你的名字)