ANNOUNCEMENT announcement

As the government once again implemented the   ⚠️Movement Control Order (MCO)⚠️, SHA will be closed from 13/01/2021 - 04/02/2021~ SHA will inform about the correct date of opening~   Although SHA is temporarily closed for business, if need hair cutting service or any question, please contact 017-989 7833 Shilla or 017-645 2964 Sylvia. Thank you.
💁‍♀️ The service is mainly hair cutting💇‍♀️💇💇‍♂️, need to communicate with our administrator and an agreement has been reached for other services🤝
💁‍♀️ Priority is given to friends who have made appointments
💁‍♀️ Friends need to take own body temperature, all appointments will be cancelled if the temperature is above 37.5 degrees
💁‍♀️ The price of all hair cutting service is RM 25.00, this price includes transportation fee
As a result of the Government's re-implementation of the ⚠️ Action Control Order ⚠️, the store will be closed for the period of 13/01/2021 - 04/02/2021 - the correct date for business, we will Please inform us that although the store is closed, please contact 017-989 7833 Shilla or 017-645 2964 Sylvia if you need haircuts or have any questions. Thank you.
Standard operating procedures
💁 ♀️ services are mainly haircut 💇 ♀️💇💇 ♂️, other services need to communicate with our administrators and reach an agreement 🤝
💁 ♀️ give priority to receiving friends who make appointments
💁 ♀️ friends need to take a temperature measurement, 37.5 degrees Celsius above all cancellations
💁 ♀️ hair-cutting service price is 25 ringgit, this price includes transportation costs